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Daughter Knows Best

Father’s Day is here but when it comes to my father I couldn’t care less. He doesn’t exist to me. For all the years he wasn’t there, situations he judged, support he withheld. He doesn’t exist to me. Six or so months into sobriety when he stood me up for coffee because he couldn’t fit me in before his flight at the very end of his week-long stay in town, so, he doesn’t exist to me. As if he hadn’t inflicted enough pain, he tried to convince one of my sisters to distance herself from me because I “have wasted my life partying with drugs and alcohol.” He doesn’t exist to me. Not only had he removed himself from my life but he was now trying to convince my sister to do likewise. What man does t

First Post Frets

Sooooo I’m trying to generate content for the site and everything I’m writing I’m finding myself grossly displeased. I’m overthinking wording and sentence structure to maximize efficacy. When I share in meetings or in my facebook posts it’s emotionally inspired and instantly expressed. No time to thoroughly process (or edit), I just speak from my soul. The feedback is, often times complimentary on HOW I express myself. So when I find myself sitting to write I get caught up in trying to speak profound words and it’s never good enough. Then I get down on myself for my lack of ability to produce acceptable content. It’s kinda crazy that I’m creating a blog entitled Perfectly Imperfect and tryin

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