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Love Anyway

Sooooo, it seems we’re standing at the precipice of another civil war and our nation is growing restless. The concepts of good and bad or right and wrong have been commandeered and defined by individuals. With the ownership of ideals, there is an assumed responsibility to defend them until people see the light, their light. Though noble in thought, it stands hypocritical in action. As I was starting this post I was trying to think of an instance in my adult life where I’d had a lasting shift in beliefs or behaviors via coercion rather than experience. Nothing sprung to mind. As a child I was told many things that have shaped my moral scope. My family was big into the church so there was a lo

3hrs and 12mins later...

Sooooo, 3 hours and 12 mins later, I’m doing I lot better. At about 2:30pm today I aired, what I believed to be, my dirtiest laundry. “The Dreaded Kid Sitch” It’s been almost a year since my friend Elizabeth and I sat across from one another at Squid’s over crab legs and shrimp cocktail where I spoke my truth. There’s just something about Elizabeth’s spirit that completely disarms a person of representations of inauthentic-self and she communicates to your soul. The God in this woman is bonkers! She asked every single question I loathed. Readied with all my prepackaged lies, diversions, and witty retorts I just answered them, honestly. She exudes such genuine empathy you can’t fathom judgmen


My piece on Honesty for http://www.thisislivinghope.com When you work hard to build an image, to maintain a persona, it’s tough to be honest with others or with yourself. My story is messy, and, sometimes, it’s uncomfortable for me to tell. But owning my story is where my healing and my Practice of Honesty began. I was the baby of the family, the fourth child and only boy in a household where church and God were paramount. If the church doors were open, we were there. I suppose there were good and bad things about that, but it’s what I knew, and it formed my spiritual foundation. Our home was loving, and my early memories include being doted on by my mother and adored by my sisters. My memor

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