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The Hall Monitor

So Tuesday’s blog was essentially about my denying myself social interaction. There were several factors I attributed to causation but the root of them all was fear. Fear that I couldn’t handle it responsibly. Real brief, we’re gonna talk about fear and the Hall Monitor. If we’re attempting any lifestyle changes we all have the internal hall monitor that basically serves as our checks and balances. It’s who/what we answer to with regards to where we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing. lt keeps us staying the desired course, whatever that course may be. The Hall Monitor isn’t a bad thing, it’s there to help. It’s discipline. My Hall Monitor was what pinged me when I wanted to date that

Got Balance?

Sooooo, never would I have ever thought in my wildest dreams that I would be saying I’m not hanging out enough. Not one single person who has known me in any capacity prior to 2015 would say “Who, Ben Gear?! That guy sure needs to get out more!” I allowed my social life to define me. It created and destroyed relationships, created and eliminated kids, buried any semblance of my authentic self, muted all thoughts of motivation, obliterated morals, and redefined my values. When I finally was able to distance myself from my social addiction I started hating it, when that subsided, I feared it. Little did I know, I needed it. What about the last blog, was that not just me celebrating my ability

THE Virtue

I don’t have some witty snow-related anecdote to convey the need for Patience, my thought for the week; so this should be pretty short and to the point. Patience was my glaring issue this week...patience all the way to the end. When what I want is directly in front of me yet remains just out of reach; this exposes impatience which then spawns the frustration that is the byproduct of a misallocated value in outcome over process. When the goal is visible, it is almost automatic to do something a little different, a little extra to try and get what I want, when and how I want...a liiiiittle sooner. I don’t think that glimpse of the outcome is a taunt intended to dishearten or aggravate, and mos

Life is Like a National Championship Game

Unless you live under rock you’ve at least heard about the College Football National Championship game this past Monday. Brief synopsis: Georgia and Alabama have competed and overcome their individual adversaries to face one another in one final test to be named the best team in college football. Alabama is favored to win but Georgia didn’t get the memo. The Bulldogs dominate early on, earning an astonishing 20-7 lead by the 3rd quarter. Georgia had played in such a fluid and commanding fashion that everyone (including most Bama fans) had given the win to the Bulldogs...everyone except Alabama. The Crimson Tide make adjustments. Switching to a freshman quarterback they commence to mount one

Home, Alone

Sooooo, the new year means nothing from a date perspective, every day is the start of another year so don’t wait until the 1st of blah blah to grow and change, just do it. BUT, as it pertains to this particular piece, the new year coincidentally coincides with when change tangibly actualized. Dec. 10, when I got my 2yr chip (from AA) is when I look at the upcoming year and what I want to do within that year. As per usual: the best version of myself is the motivation and growth is the process, all to put greater good into the universe, which is the purpose. This year, my areas of deliberately focused efforts are on freedom(independence), family, friends, and finances (alliteration, gotta love

...it all boils down to...

“...it all boils down to the experience we bring others.” said a buddy of mine when talking about an extraordinary dining experience he had in Nashville over the holidays. This sprouted a brain tree (more like a shrub) and this is that. Each day/week/month is a compilation of experiences that sculpt the story of our lives, the big memories. That guy at the office who is just a miserable lump and mean to everyone everyday and that barista who always chats everyone up, hooks up the free extra shot when possible but always has dope ass foam designs are the stage setters for experiences that make for memories. The asshole from work doesn’t consider that funky ass attitudes can carry a stench and

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