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Worth Fighting For

Sooooo, after waking up this morning I hopped on the ol book of faces and come across a status that is reading as a suicide note. “I say goodbye to all of you with regret and shame…overwhelmed with guilt and shame...I am hypocritical at best and deserve what I chose...please pray for my family...please remember me forever loving you with a wounded soul.” I have reached out to everyone I know near where this person lives or with more direct contact to them. I’ve heard nothing back as has everyone I’ve talked to. As you can imagine this is a terrifying time. In my short two years in sobriety I have already lost count of the lives lost specifically to suicide...and these aren’t all substance ab

Don't Be Veruca Salt

Change takes time, across the board this is true. Smokers didn’t become smokers after their first cigarette. That first cigarette sucked! It burned your throat, smelled like shit, and took forever to get through. But with a little bit of sticktoitiveness the burning subsided, the smell became par for the course, and five minutes became time almost enough to smoke two. Unbeknownst to the future pack-a-dayer, patience facilitated the transformation from have smoked to smoker. If they had tried to smoke a pack in a day on that first day it would’ve been a miserable and frustrating experience. Slow and steady wins the race I guess. Obviously I’m not propagandizing smoking, just pointing out that

The What and Why of PI

Sooooo, I posted my first piece for PI in late June of last year (2017). Here we are at just about eight months later and it’s been a real blessing to see it take shape and grow. I guess I just wanted to give a little bit of the where, why, and how I found my purpose and some of the what’s going on now. Here goes: Because I was a fixture in like every bar in my town, it was pretty common knowledge that I’d been shipped off to rehab and what not. When I came back after four months and feebly attempted controlled drinking, it was both good and bad to see everyone. I saw all the same people in all the same places doing all the same things. Nothing had changed, no one had changed. When I finally

Love Always,

Are you loving always, like you should? Valentine’s Day just passed and I saw the tons of people scrambling to get flowers and gifts (an abnormal amount of Apple Watches) for the people they cared for. Not just romantically but parents getting things for their kids and vice versa. Everyone felt compelled to show love because the calendar said it’s time. I think the gestures are sweet and I’m sure they are appreciated but they’re expected, I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day. The value in expressed love or any kind gesture is when it’s not prompted. There’s a song by Dionne Warwick that says, “What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there’s too darn little of.” When we

The Choice is Yours

Sooooo, not many things evoke more empathy from me than a person that believes where they are is where they have to stay, especially when that place doesn’t bring them joy. Nothing makes my little heart happier than to see people pursuing their passions in an attempt maximize their joy. The pursuit itself is a success because there’s growth in the attempt but even better when that attempt is fruitful because therein lies progress...and growth and progress are kinda why we do the whole existence thing. We don’t exist to survive, we exist to thrive! Choosing to adopt and accept that “I’m getting by”, “it pays the bills” mentality is like keeping that partner you can’t stand but don’t leave bec

A Blog About Cardi B

Cardi B is a 25 year old Trinidadian and Dominican Bronx based rapper. Her no filter persona and spotty past could easily categorize her as ratchet. For those of you foreign to the term, ratchet is a term coined by the Xennial's, basically it means tacky. As you have seen in many of my posts, I have adopted and recreated the word in a multitude of forms to color behavioral descriptions. My personal definition: a willing decision to act in a way knowingly inappropriate or unacceptable given the norms and expectations of a situation. For example, dancing at wedding, normal. Really drunk dancing at a wedding, still normal. P-popping on a handstand at said wedding, ratchet. (For my more seasoned

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