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Deeper Yes

Sooooo, I have an ever growing wall of quotes from the books I read. It was suggested that I share these with you all and give my thoughts on them. Given that I take one everyday to focus on, it didn’t seem like a half bad idea, so I hope you guys don’t mind trying this out with me.

So I was working with a sponsee this morning and prior to his leaving we were talking about the quotes on the wall and the one that jumped out was:

The only way to say no to anything is to have a deeper yes.” ~ Matthew Kelly

The “deeper yes” is direction. I need to always be working towards something that is facilitating my becoming the best version of myself. If I am just living my life as a reaction to people, places, and things then I am just headed nowhere very slowly. Just making it through a day. When I have a goal in mind, as general as growth or as specific as a dollar amount in my bank account, I now have a deeper yes. I now have guidelines for decision making. Whether or not we like our jobs, we def like the security that receiving a paycheck provides. The paycheck is a deeper yes (kinda shallow example but you get where I’m going with this). So when opportunities that could stop that paycheck present themselves, “no” is a pretty effortless response. What do you want for your life as much as the security of income? Find your yes.

It is through the mastery of small disciplines that we become capable of greater things and indeed, anything.

I met a girl last week and she was an amazing human, hopefully she won’t mind having made a Cameo in Thursday Thoughts. Anyway, we hung out and talked for several hours just about our lives and pretty much everything. She was a young looking 30 years old, smart, charismatic, and obscenely beautiful. In today’s culture she could just marry wealthy and have a life of ease given to her. She spent her early years traveling the world alone and making her own way and friends along the way. Now she’s back in NC with a long term goal of becoming a nurse and short term goal of getting back to Australia for a wedding of a friend she met in her travels. She now works 3 jobs all week long to make those goals a reality. Her deeper yes is financing nursing school and getting to Australia, so her “no’s” to excessive socialization, Netflix binges, and pretty much anything else that isn’t in the direction of her deeper yes gets no consideration.

Good things come to those who hustle.” ~ my friends coffe cup

When we identify a goal and commit to its manifestation, our life starts to take shape our direction and purpose. Anything that is in opposition to that deeper yes will get no attention and we’ll be one step closer to our goals.

What is your deeper yes?

Thanks for reading.


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