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Don't Be Verruca Salt

Sooooo, change takes time, across the board this is true. Smokers didn’t become smokers after their first cigarette. That first cigarette sucked! It burned your throat, smelled like shit, and took forever to get through. But with a little bit of sticktoitiveness the burning subsided, the smell became par for the course, and five minutes became almost enough time to smoke two. Unbeknownst to the future pack-a-dayer, patience facilitated the transformation from have-smoked to smoker. If they had tried to smoke a pack in a day on that first day it would’ve been a miserable and frustrating experience. Slow and steady wins the race, I guess.

Obviously I’m not propagandizing smoking, just pointing out that everything we do, whether we know it or not, is programming a habit. The same analogy could’ve been applied to the gym and how it went from an excruciating visit to a daily routine or how beer went from the worst thing you’d ever tasted to becoming the quintessential elixir of all things social. I don’t even drink and after a long shift I still say “Hey you wanna grab a beer after work?” Old habits.

We do to see. Everything we do, we do to see a result. Whether it’s experimenting with a cigarette to see how it goes or an intentional visit to gym to see better physical well-being.

“We make our habits and then our habits make us” ~ John Dryden.

Because we are a result based society, we tend to lean towards those things that produce more immediate results. Functioning within the Veruca Salt methodology, “I want it now!” (It’s a Willy Wonka reference...sheesh), we consistently get but everything we get is of little value and likely of even less sustainability. But what we’re doing, unwittingly, is developing a habit of not working for anything. As the habit of not working for anything is being fortified we are conditioning ourselves to underachieve. We get in the habit of wanting less because more requires more.

What habits are you feeding?

How many times have you disregarded something new or different with the phrase ‘It’s just not worth it.” Not sought a new job, not left a crappy relationship, not tried that thing… The reason the adage ‘anything is possible’ is true is because the mind and body are elastic/adaptable. It’s why when we work out a little, we can eventually work out a lot or why the more we read, the more we can retain. Sounds overly simplistic but that’s because it actually is that simple. Because the mind and body are adaptable, this is why every single one of us has the potential for greatness.

Forming habits is an unavoidable endeavor, forming/changing non-productive habits IS a totally avoidable endeavor. Everything is baby steps so the objective is to start embracing, trusting, and enjoying the process. Life is a road trip and there is only one real destination. Getting to the destination is satisfying but all the fun is had on the journey. We have the ability, and thus the option, to maximize our road trip. It won’t come by wishing nor by luck, only by effort and effort means time. Take the time to allow yourself to want more. Take the time to become the person that pursues it. Take the time to appreciate the steps along the way. Take. The. Time.

...and Don’t Be Veruca Salt.

Thanks for reading.


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