• Benjamin Gear

First Post Frets

Sooooo, I’m trying to generate content for the site and everything I’m writing I’m finding myself grossly displeased. I’m overthinking wording and sentence structure to maximize efficacy. When I share in meetings or on a Facebook post, it’s emotionally inspired and instantly expressed. No time to thoroughly process (or edit), I just speak from my soul. The feedback is often times complimentary on HOW I express myself. So when I find myself sitting to write I get caught up in trying to speak profound words and it’s never good enough. Then I get down on myself for my lack of ability to produce acceptable content.

It’s kinda crazy that I’m creating a blog entitled Perfectly Imperfect and trying to do it perfectly. The purpose of PI to help convey the fact that imperfections are our true nature as humans and being a perfect human is to have imperfections. This is not a theory. If perfection was attainable there’d be no room for growth. Growth is one of the purposes of the human experience, the other being to help others. As we encounter these imperfections, notice the need for improvement, and go through the process of improving we gain specifically experiential knowledge in each particular area. That new knowledge we now have in our toolbox to prevent, or at least lessen, repeat struggles of the same variety and we can help others within their growth process.

What I’ve just experienced is called Arrogant Self-Criticism, a form of perfectionism. Nothing I ever write will be ‘good enough’ if I’m writing to please or project. I want to give you all the best content but I had to (re-)realize that the best content will come not from my wording, but from my words. My only job is to share my true and imperfect self and if I can give you that, every post will be perfect.


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