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Gratitude IN Choice

Sooooo it’s another Monday, the least favorite day of most 9-5ers. I know gratitude is an over addressed topic but I, very briefly, want to talk about the value gratitude within choice. I’ll be quick.

I was reading a friends post and she was talking about how she hadn’t showered in 6 days. It was by choice, mostly fueled by inconvenience. By day 6, as she was showering at her gym, she was washed over with gratitude (See what I did there lol). She was grateful for having the ability and opportunity to renovate her home/bathroom and her job that allowed her to pay for the gym membership where she showered. She recalled a time in her life where other things were more important than being clean and how grateful she was for having a life that allowed her the option to choose whether she wants to shower or not. Something she pointed out and I want to reiterate, we are entitled to nothing.

I, at times, struggle with the ‘if/then’ mentality: if I do ___, then ___ should (or shouldn’t) happen. Expectation is pretty close to the antithesis of gratitude. I have to remember to value options. If I get to choose anything, that’s a gratitude starting point. Choice is a luxury. She closes out the post with “Be grateful for what you have and what you can work for.” The second half that statement was sooo powerful. Being grateful for what we actually have is just as easy to do as it is to forget to do. But if I can express and act in gratitude for just the opportunity to try...that’s when every moment and day can really begin to be valued and appreciated.

The following morning a different homie posted a ‘food for thought’ video that was a spot on follow up to the other post. It was about how Friday is this anticipated day representing the last hurdle before two days of freedom and joy. “Are you living for your weekends? Are you groaning your way through 5/7 of your week?” Day-dependent joys are (obviously) conditional. How authentic can conditional joys be when the condition is externally dependent?

Certainly I can relate to just wanting to get through my work week for my two days off. Even just wanting to get through my work DAY to have my unobligated time. I get to choose what I do for a living and where I do it. I even have the choice of whether or not to work, if I’m willing to live the life that accompanies unemployment. I have a choice of who I allow in my life, what I wear, where I go, and what I many choices. The fact that I have these choices means my happiness with and within each day lies in my choice to acknowledge that each day is a product of choices I got to make.

Everyday or situation in the day isn’t gonna go as I want. Tapping into gratitude hugely decreases the effect of those undesirable occurrences and shifts the focus to the good. This allows me to find non-circumstantial joy in everyday no matter what day it is or what's going on in that day.

If you’re not finding joy in your everyday, choose to do different. Making the choices won’t always be easy or fun but pull joy within the difficulties from the fact that YOU ARE GETTING TO CHOOSE.

Happy Monday!

Thanks for reading.


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