• Benjamin Gear the Virtue.

Sooooo, I don’t have some witty snow-related anecdote to convey the need for Patience, my thought for the week. This should be pretty short and to the point. Patience was my glaring issue this week...patience all the way to the end. When what I want is directly in front of me yet remains just out of reach; this exposes impatience which then spawns the frustration that is the byproduct of a misallocated value in outcome over process. When the goal is visible, it is almost automatic to do something a little different, a little extra to try and get what I want, when and how I want...a liiiiittle sooner. I don’t think that glimpse of the outcome is a taunt intended to dishearten or aggravate, and most certainly not to distract from the value of the journey. I have found it to fortify fortitude, provide strength to keep on keepin on (as the old heads say). If I keep doing what got the goal in view, what is intended for me will continue to come into my life when it’s supposed to...not when I think it should, and most times not how I think it will. I can damn sure botch a blessing trying to repackage it in ‘supposed to’ type thinking. What had to be reiterated for me was “when I focus on a specific outcome, I run the risk of getting in the way of God’s plan.” (thanks Will)

Patience is THE virtue and always always value the process...

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