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Life is Like a National Championship Game

Sooooo, unless you live under rock you’ve at least heard about the College Football National Championship game this past Monday. Brief synopsis: Georgia and Alabama have competed and overcome their individual adversaries to face one another in one final test to be named the best team in college football. Alabama is favored to win but Georgia didn’t get the memo.

The Bulldogs dominate early on, earning an astonishing 20-7 lead by the 3rd quarter. Georgia had played in such a fluid and commanding fashion that everyone (including most Bama fans) had given the win to the Bulldogs...everyone except Alabama. The Crimson Tide make adjustments. Switching to a freshman quarterback, they commence to mount one of the most inspired and exciting comebacks I have ever seen. They go on to score 13 unanswered points in a quarter and a half(ish) and just need to make a short field goal to seal the victory with :03 left on the clock. They miss!

Overtime ensues and both teams get a chance to score. Georgia gets the ball first and marches right down the field and makes a field goal to take a 23-20 lead. Now the Bulldog defense needs only to have their most prolific defensive stand of the entire season and the victory is theirs. The first play, the Georgia defense gets the sack for a loss of 16 yards. The building erupts in both elation and frustration as both teams fans are aghast. The very next play, Alabama’s freshman quarterback drops back to pass and launches a 41 yard bomb to connect for the touchdown and the win!!! Alabama, with awe-inspiring fortitude overcomes a confidence deflating start and the disappointment of what could’ve been a win earlier to re-rise to the challenge when it all was on the line to emerge victorious.

This is it, as far as we know, this one life is our championship game. Both teams had all the tools they needed to win; but it’s not solely about what we have, more so, how we use what we have. We all have brains, hearts, souls, feelings, desires, passions, and talents. These make up our best selves. In order to win, we need to cultivate our best selves to have ready and accessible when the time comes.

How do we do that? Just like they do, practice! For Alabama, it’s two-a-days 5-6 days a week, studying playbooks, going to the gym, and reaching out to other athletes who’ve surpassed their current station(to name a few). For us, it’s education, preparation, inspiration, dedication, and faith(-ation. I was on roll). I don’t mean that from a spiritual sense, though I strongly suggest having a spiritual element to your existence. But I’m talking faith over belief.

Belief is an inspired hope, faith is an internal knowledge. Belief is “I think I can.” Faith is “I know I will.” Whatever the endeavor, our championship game, we have to do the work, ALL OF THE WORK. Then that faith, that internal knowledge is fortified by everything we did to get us to that impasse. The bigger the goal, the bigger the challenge, and that’s why we prepare.

When you’re shooting for the stars you’re gonna get down 20-7 with a quarter and a half left. When you’re trying to do what everyone thinks can’t be done, some of your fans will stop believing in you. When you’ve tried what you thought would work and failed, you’re gonna have to make adjustments and take a risk with your internal freshman (new idea). Just take a second, imagine how Alabama felt when that last touchdown catch was made. When there was every justifiable reason to believe that it couldn't be done, they did it, they overcame...they won.

So Can You.

Thanks for reading.


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