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Reflections From A Token Black Friend

Sooooo I tried, I mean reeeeally tried, to write about the current ongoings in the country. I wrote two pieces that, though honest, were shrouded in anger, fear, and uncharacteristically dark and malicious wishes towards any and all excuse-makers. Not that I haven’t written from those emotions before, I was just able to write from a place of growth and optimism within the feelings. Right now, that’s just not an option. Rather than offer you all something inauthentic or in opposition to the mission of Perfectly Imperfect (PI), I thought I’d share a phenomenal piece shared with me.

All I’ll say: Although I didn’t write it, this is pretty much my story. I've never read anything that articulated the intricacies of my experience as a black man. I've never solicited responses but I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings. It spawned great conversations within my friend circle and I hope this has the same effect here. Discussions are necessary these days around race and race relations and I want to offer myself (personally) and PI as a place to foster that conversation.

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Reflections From a Token Black Friend


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