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The Post-Election Asshole, Me

Sooooo, despite my most valiant efforts, that damn picture showed me that I am still very much human. I have made a point to not bring politics to the blog, almost as hard as I try to not bring it out in my life away from it. As the elections have wrapped up and the results have been tallied, out comes the inner asshole that’s been tucked away in my cache of character defects.

I strongly believe in outcomes being no mistake by a Source far greater than myself. My job is solely to do my part, in this case vote, and then roll with whatever happens.

I was sitting here reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra when I decided to take a brain break and peruse social media, because it requires minimal brain power. I come across a video, posted by someone I like a bunch, from the presidential election in 2016 of democrats crying or in shock from the loss. The video ended with that smug smile from trump with the last words reading “trump 2020: fuck your feelings.”

All that spirituality stuff went out the window and I took the bait.

I didn’t go as far as to wish death on them all, but far enough to say if they happened to die, que sera. If an untimely death should befall them, I hoped it was at the hands of a sexually assaulted woman of color with the help of immigrants to dispose of the body. Furthermore, hopes of them and/or the women in their lives to be groped by their genitals by someone of prominent wealth and have their claims ignored or refuted on account of the offenders 'perceived' greater social standing.

I share that because I don’t want to downplay how nasty and out of line I actually was.

Just because I have spiritual practices and speak on them publicly does not separate me from experiencing emotions that differ from what I know to be right. Two problems here, my thoughts and actions. BOTH need to be checked. Correcting my thinking will better control my actions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (because I need to hear it), people have a right to their opinions. I don’t get to play the role of karma distributor. Much easier is to separate (block/unfollow) myself from those things that will trigger that side of me and allow me to focus on being the person and change I hope to see overall.

I have apologized to the person and have also unfollowed them as to not be triggered by their right to feel and share however they choose.

Win or lose we need not gloat or pout, we need only keep pushing to create a nation/world where all people feel welcomed and LOVED. Free to be and believe whatever they choose without quashing anyone else's right to do likewise.

Thanks for reading.

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