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The Universe Always Provides...

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive!” - Howard Thurman (shared with me by Erin C.) And what the world needs, the universe facilitates. Once I’ve identified what makes me come alive and have committed to pursue it, the universe will send what I need when need it to help me along the way.

Sooooo, the last 4 or so days have been this seesaw of relief, frustration, relief, and then frustration again. I know nothing of web page design, coding, none of it. Building the Perfectly Imperfect site was many hours of early mornings and late nights of “I just don’t get it.” and “This is too hard.” Determination, partnered with YouTube videos and most helpful, human aide, I now have a site to be viewed.

My heart was set on something I truly believed to be my purpose, I put in the work, and the universe provided.

I went live with the site back in June. To have it up and running felt so good, this was a monumental load off after all the time I’d put in. I assumed that portion of the work was done, unless I decided it was time to change the look of the site. It was probably never gonna happen because I knew how much work and time it would take. So I’m diligently working on other ventures to grow the blog (creating content) and brand (Perfectly Imperfect merchandise coming soon!!!) and then I start getting logged out of my accounts without being able to log back in.

No biggie right?! WRONG! My web host first tells me it’s the host for the blog and the blog tells me it’s the web host. I contact Chromebook support and they tell me I have to clear my computer completely because there’s too many passwords saved. I want to do this about as much as I want to have car run over my foot. I do as instructed and wipe my computer clean, problem not fixed. I call the web host back and now they say it’s my browser and I need to download a different one even though I developed the entire site on this browser. Because I have a Chromebook and it’s only compatible with itself, I’m googling and YouTube-ing loopholes to make the other browser work on my laptop. Zero progress. I’m a pretty serene dude but I’m going crazy just trying to access my website. I call the host back on what is now a fourth time and this person is like “Let me look at the website administration information for you.” I apparently logged in to the web host site under a different email when I initially looked at pricing and stuff so I had two accounts with them. He merged the accounts and everything was fixed!

This took three days and over 19 hours of conversations and work to solve this problem. I had wanted to break my laptop, spend money I didn’t have to hire help, shake a baby, and fight an elderly person over the course of those three days but what didn’t ever cross my mind was to quit.

Last night I hear from a coworker that a table had come in and informed her that there was a problem with seeing their text in the comment section of a blog. UGH another frikin problem! I go in through my iPhone which is in no way connected to my laptop to see the problem for myself. In order to comment on a blog, I needed to register in wordpress (no longer a requirement). I use a completely different email address to register and it logs me out of everything. Another problem.

First thing today I’m at my coffee shop trying to solve this problem. Two hours later, having fussed at, and made amends, to the guy at the blog host support place, I’m logged in to all my stuff again. But now I still have to figure out this text color issue. Already I’m primed for frustration but this should be an easy fix. It isn’t. I’m searching and trying to find where and how to make this font more visible to no avail. I am audibly fussing at my computer screen and just brimming with rage when this guy walks by and says hi. I only know him from the bar and we’ve never had a conversation of actual substance but were friendly enough. I say hi and he asks what I’m working on. I go in on all my tech issues like the damsel in distress I felt like. He says “Can I have a look? I was just helping someone inside with a website.”

Just like that he starts opening things I didn’t know were there, certainly things I didn’t understand. It looked like the Matrix and I was most definitely not Neo. I couldn’t decipher what any of what he was looking at meant. He was having a hard time locating the part that needed to be changed and then the guy sitting at my table (the whole time mind you) says “Let me take a look.” Before I know it, my laptop is no longer in my possession and these two guys are hard at work in the bowels of my site pointing, clicking and recoding shit. After about 30 minutes, the font in my comment area was now viewable!

I say all that to say this, the universe (God, whatever you believe in) always provides. No matter my hearts desires, a way will be made for those desires to be fulfilled. The only stipulation is the willingness to do the work to meet the divine intervention. I had every opportunity to allow my frustrations to justify my taking a day off or even quitting. It had gotten hard and I was feeling overwhelmed and inadequate, but I stuck with it. Had I not worked at these issues everyday, the help I needed would’ve (literally) walked right by and my issues would’ve still been ever present and just as daunting as they were when they popped up.

Having this assurance feeds my desire to stick with my chasing my dreams. I believe I’ve found my path, but this belief doesn’t exempt me from hardships along the way. Loose paraphrase: ‘nothing that’s worth having comes easy and nothing that comes easy is worth having.’

“Don’t’ squander your potential living a life that amounts to far less than the one you are capable of living. Prioritize your long-term goal over you short-term comfort and commit to doing what is hard and necessary instead of what is quick and easy. Don’t let your life goals fall victim to the allure of comfortable routines. Always be working towards what you want in life. Refuse to be an extraordinary person trapped in an ordinary life.”- Zero Dean

Why the world needs us to “come alive” is because we all have a purpose, one that will bring us a joy unparalleled. What’s more than this is what the pursuit of that purpose contributes to the stream of existence. When we seek and relentlessly pursue that purpose, everybody wins! It won’t always be easy or fun but the extraordinary person we have within, laying dormant, and waiting to be accessed, experienced, exposed, and shared is the essential piece to the puzzle we each specifically hold. The world needs this and what the world needs the universe facilitates.

When the idea of writing became actionable I knew I didn’t know all the facets of actualizing it. What I did know was that this is what made me feel alive, so I pursued it. Every day I encounter difficulties, big and small, that take me out of my comfort zone and require deliberate efforts to overcome. Some take an hour, some take 5 days, but I get through it and come out more enlightened and another step further in my process. I accept that the things I do everyday are fairly small tasks and have no massive or immediate return. But I am encouraged because I know that every action is a forward step in the direction of my extraordinary self which is what the world needs.

Because I am consistent in putting in genuine effort towards my goal, when troubles arise and I feel like I can’t go any further; the universe is there to reward my efforts with just what I need to keep moving forward.

Thanks for reading.


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