• Benjamin Gear

Undervalued Understanding

Sooooo, I’ve just been seeing a lot of stuff on social media since the Florida high school shooting on both sides of the issue of gun control that have been less than constructive. I have learned not to write on social, political, and religious issues as it’s all too easy to shift from constructive to divisive. So without interjecting my personal stance on the matter, here are my thoughts on how to maneuver through it.

What I will say is that the amount of instagatory chatter going around, on both sides, is equally as saddening as it is futile. “You’re ignorant if you just can’t see that…” ←-insert personal opinion there. The remedy for ignorance is understanding, not agreement. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, we’re all human with the same heart, soul, and mind potential. We’ve just all had different sculptors molding the way we feel, value, and think. As is the case for us, so has this generational influence been the cycle for all time. All they can teach is what they've been taught.

This is simply a call for more understanding. Understanding that the differences we’re experiencing aren’t between good and bad people but products of different teachings. Understanding that “logic” is a relative term. Understanding that resolve is a better outcome than winning.

Salesmanship 101: Know your buyer. The most effective way to produce a compelling pitch is to know what’s influencing the other person’s decision making. The really cool thing about the more we KNOW, rather than how intensely we feel, is that that much more understanding becomes available. As a result, more palatable and relatable approaches are generated. If both sides were open to trying this then the chances of resolution greatly increase. Without understanding, somebody has to win, and in a win, everyone loses. (that was a lot of comma's)

I totally understand the urgency and fear (anger) charging the passionate efforts to influence an outcome. I also understand the urging to be as stubborn as the opposition in trying to achieve it. Quite frankly, how often do force, condescending words and actions, humiliation, shame, and guilt bring about positive and lasting change?

As I have the right to feel how I feel, so does everyone else. If I start with just that understanding alone, the whole attitude and tone I approach this with changes. We don’t have to understand one another to be kind. But if we aren’t kind, that’s certainly a non-starter to ever understanding.

I hope that was ambiguous enough.

Thanks for reading.


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