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Year 3

Sooooo I made it to 3 years sober on Monday the 10th. I’m grateful to have not drank and grateful that it’s not a struggle to avoid. When I look at the year in review, the two stand out things are humility and my relationship with my son.

This year I’ve talked about judgement, patience, parenting, gratitude, complacency, ego, and transformation. A variety of issues I dealt with all sharing one workable remedy, pursuing finding and accepting (my flawed) true self...and grow from there. Obviously there’s layers to that but simply put, be me and like it and that lessens and simplifies those things when they occur. I can’t say I’ll ever fully suppress my desire to get it all perfectly or dictate the narrative of how I’m perceived but I know specifically what I’ll have to work on (forever) to better the bigger picture.

“If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither pride nor disgrace, because you know who/what you are” ~ Mother Teresa

November last year I wrote a two-part piece (Wanted: Emotion) about a lack of ability to emotionally connect with my son. After putting most of the blame on his mom, by the end of part two, I concluded that the way to fix this was to spend more one on one time with him. I did just that and now the kid is totally my guy. I made him apart of all of my life and that gave me nothing but opportunity to fall in love with this kid. Now he knows most of the people that matter in life and accompanies me to social functions, sporting events, and concerts. I’m at baseball games and school functions and “SONday’s” are always a highlight in my week. Cherry on top is my relationship with his mother has been the best co-parenting situation I have ever seen or heard of (so far).

I didn’t just make it through the year, despite some pretty shitty spots, I’m happier and better and I grew and gained. So as far as I’m concerned year 3 to me is a win.

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